We’ve Turned Childhood into a Competition and We’re all Losing

We are a competitive culture. In business school we are taught that we can’t fix it until we measure it. As a society, we are addicted to knowing where we rank—first, second, third—and to constant improvement in an effort to raise our scores. Since our kids were babies, we logged their first smiles, celebrated that magicalContinue reading “We’ve Turned Childhood into a Competition and We’re all Losing”

Your Child Is Dyslexic…Now What?

You sat in the psychologist’s office and she said the words you were dreading to hear… “Your daughter is dyslexic.” Your wonderful, smart kid has been labeled and it breaks your heart. First, know these five things: It will be okay. You’re not the first person to head down this path and you won’t be theContinue reading “Your Child Is Dyslexic…Now What?”