Houston looks to boost turnout by offering 24-hour voting

HOUSTON (AP) — As rapper Bun B finished his late-night set during a drive-in concert to promote eight 24-hour polling places in and around Houston, he urged fans to go out into the night — and… — Read on apnews.com/article/election-2020-politics-houston-voting-texas-351f6e1c4820d8f2b2eb7468a725cce0 Love this.

Dirt, Drama, and Picking Teams: Recess Makes Better Kids

Last week I came upon one of my daughter’s white shirts, covered in brown goop of unknown origin. I figured that it was watercolor from art or some mystery sauce from lunch. Turns out, it was dirt and moss from ongoing fort-building that the fourth graders had undertaken at recess. The explanation went something likeContinue reading “Dirt, Drama, and Picking Teams: Recess Makes Better Kids”